Goal of the Project:

To Empower and enable 5090 households of persons with disabilities including 20,000 vulnerable households to access health, rehabilitation, education, and livelihood opportunities based on sustainable and equitable use of resources in 500 village Panchayats falling in 6 Blocks of Gaya district by 2021

  1. Persons with disabilities, especially women have access to inclusive livelihood by 2021.
  2. Capacity building and programme management improved by 2021.
Overall result :
  1. 1500 children access education in regular schools (SSA), out of which 40% will be girls by 2021.
  2. 1000 persons with disabilities access medical (corrective/ENT/Eye) services through referral systems.
  3. 1000 persons with disabilities access skill training, self -employment out of which 25% will be women by 2021.
  4. 3000 persons with disabilities involved in ISHGs, out of which 50% will be women by 2021.
  5. 200 PRI members trained on disability, government programme/schemes Attitude/behaviour modification and change among schools
Specific result :
  1. 500 villages reached for awareness sessions relating to vocation training services.
  2. 200 persons with disabilities (male, female) aware about training course.
  3. 3000 of youth (male, female) with disabilities provided information about job opportunities on quarterly basis.
  4. 3000 persons with disabilities become members in ISHGs.
  5. 3000 persons with disabilities access financial services (savings, loan).
  6. 75% of persons with disabilities accessing public services (disaggregated by district, gender, type of service, disability type).
  7. 80% of persons with disabilities and their families are aware of their rights, available services, and community resources.
  8. 20 PWDs in each community joined local non-state actors (youth centres general assemblies, NGOs, local councils, etc.) by the end of the second year of the project (disaggregated by gender, type of service, type disability).
  9. 6 Block level DPOs formed and functioned.
  10. Knowledge on disability, gender and child safeguarding improved and practiced.