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VIKALP FOUNDATION is a non-profit, poor, philanthropic, voluntary organization, committed to work at grass root level, for the progress of poverty stricken rural populace in three districts of Bihar with its focus on gender justice and with the goal of changing the region’s development perspectives from needs to rights. VIKALP FOUNDATION was set up on 2nd Oct 1998 and further registered under Indian Societies Registration Act on 3rd August 2001. VIKALP FOUNDATION facilitates inputs on perspective building, advocacy processes and professional development amongst women’s organizations and social groups in the south Bihar. Networking, influencing districts agencies and lobbying in favours of social justice are some of VIKALP FOUNDATION basic strategies to accomplish its mission. It therefore networks with different major women’s groups in the district on specific issues and work directly with rural groups in the district. The organization was established by Mr. C.S. AZAD who has great interest in social works since his college days. Read More

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